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MODULE 3: Maintaining the established tradition, the 2018 edition of the Alps Art Academy will commence with a two-day symposium. The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the Academy, September 26/27, 2020The first day of the Conference “CRITICAL GROUNDS” addresses a critical discourses regarding landscape, its change, perception, and use: the second day presents several art initiatives working in the peripheral, rural and alpine areas

Due to restrictions caused by the Covid-pandemic, this year’s the symposium will only take place within the Academy and will not be open to external visitors as planned. Alternatively, however, we will stream the talks free of charge and live for all interested parties (technical support by our partner Swissom). The video recordings will also be made accessible at a later point in time.
We are currently negotiating with several potential speakers who will be digitally connected in addition to the speakers speaking live on site.  The program will be at the beginning of the academy (Sept 24)

Video documentation of most 2018 talks can be watched HERE