Alps Art Academy

Getting there

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Getting there

Public Transport: Via Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to Chur, change for the  Rhätische Railway and travel onward to the station at Versam-Safien. From there take the PostBus via Versam to Tenna. Duration from Chur: 45 min. From Zurich: approx. 2 hours

Car: from Chur on the A13, take junction 19 in the direction of Bonaduz then proceed in the direction of Versam before turning left to Tenna. Duration from Chur: 45 min. From Zurich: (approx) 1 hour 50 min.

– Airplane: The nearest airports to Safiental are Zurich, Switzerland (2.5 hours to Tenna by train / bus) or Milan, Italy (5.5 hours to Tenna by train / bus). We recommend travel via Zurich.

The program of the Academy starts on Thursday, June 25th, at 9:00am and concludes on Sunday morning July 8th, 2020. We expect you to arrive in the afternoon or evening of Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 (last public transportation leaves Zurich airport at 4.18pm and arrives in Tenna Post at 6.46pm). Departure takes place after the closing event on the morning of Sunday, July 5th, 2020.