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MODULE 3: Maintaining the established tradition, the 2018 edition of the Alps Art Academy will commence with a two-day symposium. The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the Academy,
September 26/27, 2020
. During this symposium, critical attention will be paid to the notion of the (re)orientation of Land Art, understood both literally and metaphorically.

2020 program will be announced in August.
Video documentation of most 2018 talks can be watched HERE

This event is part of the academy and public and addressed to a wider audience.
Fees for external participants:
Day 1: Talks + film + discussion, lunch, dinner: 80.- CHF
Day 2: Talks + discussion, lunch: 60.- CHF
Day 1+2: 120.- CHF.
Residents of the the municipality of Safiental do not pay for the talks, only for meals.
Application until Aug 25th. under or