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Machineries of the invisible. (Máquinas de lo invisible)

Gabriela Munguía

hill near the street Innerberg, Tenna – GPS: 46.742667, 9.333194


This project explores the oscillations, resonances andt ransformations of different environmental phenomena as ephemeral and cyclical resilience processes that shape the landscape. By the construction of a series of machineries, sensing devices and territorial acupunctures this scaffold and emergency of agencies, biological collections, atmospheric forces and cosmic energies emerge an ecological awareness as a metamorphic and multidimensional relationship of co-creation and co-operation between the human and no-human. Resilience no. 2 Geomorphological conversations is the second intervention in the territory of project where the wind, the erosion and the alpine landscape of Tenna where explore in a intimate dialogue through sound and light.

series of sound-light installations


Gabriela Munguía is an artist and teacher-researcher. Her work explores the imaginaries and biopoetics-politics about the living and the natural phenomena merging the fields of ecology, electronic arts, bioart and diy technologies.