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MODULE 3: Maintaining the established tradition, the 2018 edition of the Alps Art Academy will commence with a two-day symposium titled “New Tendencies in Land and Environmental Art: Horizontal – Vertical”. The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the Academy, 30th of June-1st of July 2018. During this symposium, critical attention will be paid to the notion of the (re)orientation of Land Art, understood both literally and metaphorically.

The canonical Land Art of the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially originating in the American South-West, was dominated by vast spaces aligned with the horizontal orientation of the landscape. “The horizontal” became the most significant feature, if not an aesthetic principle, of this art form. If the environment in which art is created dictates its characteristics, what if this state of affairs radically changes? The recent tendencies from the Alpine region evidence that, increasingly, Land Art has been dealing with a reorientation. This reorientation signifies a shift from the familiar horizontal flatness, or an intervention therein, to a peculiar verticality that changes our perceptions, not only of what Land art is or might be, but also of the landscape in which it takes place.

Video documentation of most talks can be watched HERE

Sympo E

This event is public and addressed to a wide audience. Fees for external participants:
Day 1: 6 Lectures + film + discussion, lunch, dinner: 80.- CHF
Day 2: 6 Lectures + discussion, lunch: 60.- CHF
Day 1+2: 120.- CHF.  Residents of the Safiental only pay half.
Application until June 28. under or