Alps Art Academy


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MODULE 1: In nine workshops with different contextual and media focal points, participants will work on their own project accompanied by instructors. The participants’ projects can be realized in the direct neighborhood or the landscape around Tenna. There is also a seminar room and a library with  specialist literature. At the end of the academy, the participants will present their projects to the staff and other group members.
The participants apply with their own proposal or a concept for a project. On this basis, the jury selects the participants and assigns him or her to an instructor and a workshop. The assignment of instructors and workshops can be revised at a later point if there is a good reason for it. The following options are available:

Workshop I:  Land Art – INSTALLATION
Mentor: Matthias Bildstein (Bildstein/Glatz) (A)

Workshop II: Land Art – PARTICIPATION
Mentor: DIG Collective (UK)

Workshop III: Land Art – CONTEXT
Mentor: Gabriela Gerber & Lukas Bardill (CH)

Mentor: Steve Rowell (US)

Workshop V: Land Art – MATERIAL
Mentor: Analia Saban (ARG/US)

Workshop VI: Land Art – FIELDWORK
Mentor: Chris Taylor (US)

Workshop VII: Land Art – THEORY
Mentor: Hanna Hölling (UK)

Workshop VIII: Land Art – EDUCATION
Mentor: Konstanze Schütze (D) and Ella Tetrault (CAN)

Workshop IX: Land Art – CRITIC
Mentor: William L. Fox (US)