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Master Classes

MODULE 2: This module is comprised of five Master Classes that address Land and Environmental Art from both practical and theoretical perspective. Each Master Class is run by two staff members of the Academy representing respectively a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Master Class I:         SEARCH & SITE
New tendencies in Land and Environmental are investigated in the context of geographic, public, architectural and socially embedded space. The focus is on scouting, research, context and the acquisition of potential sites for intervention.
Leader:  Chris Taylor (US) with Gabriela Gerber & Lukas Bardill (CH)

Master Class II:       MATERIAL & PRODUCTION
This Master class examines the material and materiality of Land and Environmental Art and well as the  logistics and implementation of specific projects. How is an idea seen through from its conception to a physical realisation and how does such a process materialize through collaborations and the encounter with a specific site? 
Leader:  Johannes M. Hedinger (CH) with Analia Saban (ARG/US)

Master Class III:     TIME & SPACE
Land and Environmental Art is examined in terms of its intrinsic temporality and spatiality. How does Land Art work change over time, how does its space transition? Further topics include ephemerality, perishability and the archive.
Leader:  William L. Fox (US) with Steve Rowell (US)

Master Class IV:       MEDIA & THEORY
The focus of this Master Class is on the conceptual aspects of Land Art and its historical relationship to Minimal, Conceptual and Process Art. This class looks at the theorization of artworks and examines how the specific choice of media and their documentation can generate new perspectives on existing works or even create new ones. 
Leader: Hanna Hölling (UK) with Mirja Busch (D)

Master Class V:       PARTICIPATION & PUBLIC
New tendencies in Land and Environmental art are explored with reference to collaborative and participatory practices and the notion of co-authorship. How can Land Art be mediated and what are the ways of curating Land Art are amongst the questions asked in this module. 
Leader: Konstanze Schütze (D) / Ella Tetrault (CAN) with DIG Collective (UK)