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Trans:plant Y  ‘Ströme’

Émilia Giudicelli & Grégoire Paultre Negel

Berghotel Alpenblick, Tenna – GPS: 46.746727, 9.339001


What about a land-choreography? What feels like our inner landscape? The vegetal intelligence is also inherent to human. We see the potential of body-mind activities to encourage the sub-consciousness to speak and to inform, learning also for ancient knowledge of the valley. Senses are migrating and unfolding up stream and down stream the territories of our history. The land is moving us.

collective movement practice, for all, with live music, 45 min

Émilia Giudicelli, France, born in 1985, based in Zürich. Grégoire Paultre Negel,France, born in 1978, based in Zürich.