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A shy restrained pink thing

Richard John Forbes

Intervention at Art Safiental





Richard John Forbes lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa as a visual artist.

His process drives his practice. A strong emphasis is placed on physical engagement in his work.

This attention can be seen and experienced clearly in the textures, layers and exploration of form translated from his hands into his work.

“I am interested in the veil suspended between all things, the charged film of atmosphere

my is compulsion to gain experience with many different media and this tool box of multiple disciplines allows me to explore every idea I have relating to a potential filamentary thin membrane separating everything.”

My practice includes, sculpture, installation, public work, Land art, Printmaking, Painting, film, document and drawing.

Further more, through collective and group practice I seek out ways of reaching through that membrane to expand  experiences and awareness

I have had multiple solo exhibitions in the South Africa, United Kingdom, and participated in more than 25 group shows.

My work stands in private collections and on public sites in the South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, The Netherlands, France, and United Arab Emirates.

I have curated two critical exhibitions, one 30 person group show and 1 a dedicated solo.

I have stages designed a sold out play, The Suit by Can Themba, directed by James Ncgobo at the market theatre.

Guest Lecturer at Pretoria University, SA and a guest speaker at the university of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA.

My intervention in the land, under the land and over the land at Alps Art academy .