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Helene Thümmel

Ausserberg, Tenna – 46.754940, 9.343564


germ. adverb

at this point, there (local)


at this time, in this moment (temporal)

under these circumstances, under this condition (modal)

available, existing

conscious, awake

in this regard, from this point of view, for that matter

opening a conversation, opening a description (source: duden)


Inscription in the land, soil, grass, chalk. 2.5mx2.5m


Helene Thuemmel (*1990) studied architecture in Graz, Austria and Media Arts and Practices/New Media at the School of Arts in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Since 2010 she works as scenographer at theatre and film productions in Austria and is part of different art collaborations and associations.

As artist Helene Thuemmel ranges between analogue and digital media. Inspired by science, logistics and systems, she tries to understand wide connections, dealing with the terms of time, distance, space and borders within social and political context.