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Coffee or Tea? Water please

LAU Cathleen Ching Yee

Tenna – GPS: 46.751133, 9.341988


All we drink the same water in here. What I can smell the soil is absorbing water quietly. What I can see the animals are drinking at the trough. And what I can taste a cup of hot coffee.

In my work, I have collected the cups from the villagers which they use daily. Then moulding the cups into the mud I made, with the soil and sawdust which collected from Tenna. Waiting for a rain here. Then a village will grow.

Clay (From DIG hole), Cups (From villagers), Wood, Sawdust,Rope, 44 x 44 x 100cm and 44 x 44 x 100cm

LAU Cathleen Ching Yee has been studying Bachelor of Fine Arts with major in sculpture in RMIT University. In 2018, her works was selected in Affordable Art Fair young Talent. In 2016, she awarded with Selected Artwork Prize in Taipei Art Free Fair, and in 2015 she awarded “The Best Art Work (Sculpture) ”. Her works have been exhibited in Taiwan and Macao.

Her works have been using different “renewable” materials and focusing on the usage of wood and sawdust being the main medium in her creative work. Her works are concerning on all the relationships to human life, different “tension value” among individual, community, nature and society. Also, thinking about the connection between traditional crafts and contemporary life science and technology.