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Cloud Catcher

Karolin Schwab

Tenna – GPS: 46.745644, 9.321988

_AAR0833_1 Kopie


Completed in 2018, installed close to the village of Tenna, 1700m high in the Swiss Alps .a place that is so high above, it often finds tself covered n clouds. This piece an invitation to sit down, observe, sense and wait…wait for a cloud to pass trough the ring or any other thought that might be up n the air.

320x270x25 cm, gloss paint on wood

Karolin Schwab (b.1987) is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Berlin, working mainly with installation, sculpture and painting. Using an aestethically minimalstic language she’s explorng relationshps between up and down, in and outside, you and me – looking carefully at all those connections that reman invisble but can still be felt.

Her work has been exhibited internatonally at the Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg, the Kunsthalle Erfurt ant the Laoshan Museum of Art, Qingdao, China amongst others.