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Alps Art Academy

The first international ALPS ART ACADEMY on the topic of LAND ART took place in summer 2016 (June 26 – July 2) in Safiental (Graubünden, Switzerland). Four different workshops were offering the participants and lecturers an opportunity to create art in situ in dialogue with nature and landscape. One workshop was devoted to the history, theory and mediation of Land Art.
Critical analysis, challenging, and the upholding of the historical term Land Art were central to all workshops, as well as the transdisciplinary practice thereof. The resulting art works of art and texts have provided suggestions for the Next Land Art that, apart from nature and landscape, will incorporate other media and engage with society.
Alps Art Academy was concluded with an open air exhibit Art Safiental which featured all artworks created during the workshops and made them publicly available both to the local community and visitors (July 2 – October 16, 2016).


Silence/Shapes by Filippo Minelli