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Venue / Travel

The location of the Alps Art Academy is 1906 built Alpenblick in Tenna (GR), which will also accommodate all lecturers and students. Certain events may take place on different locations of the Safiental valley. Works will be created in the entire Safiental valley (from Valendas, Versam up to Safien Platz until Thalkich and Turahus).

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With public transportation: use the Swiss railway system SBB until Chur, then change to the Rhätische Bahn until the Versam-Safien station. From there, take a Postauto (yellow bus) until Tenna through Versam. Traveling time from Chur: 45 min. From Zurich: approx. 2 hours.
By car: A13 Highway in direction to Chur, take junction 19 in direction to Bonaduz and follow the signs to Versam. Just before reaching Versam, make a left in direction to Tenna. Traveling time from Chur: 45 min., from Zurich: approx. 1 hour 50 min.