Alps Art Academy


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During the Alps Art Academy, each group of participants will produce artworks (installations, actions, interventions) for the open air exhibition Art Safiental. After the opening symposium held on June 26, the students will be divided into four different workshop groups. They will be granted five days to produce artworks which will be presented on the last day (July 2) of the Academy on the occasion of a closing event which will simultaneously be the opening of the public exhibitionArt Safiental.
All four workshops tackle different thematic and media aspects related to contemporary Land Art:

New Public Land Art
New Land Art tendencies in geographic, public, architectural and social spaces. Heads: Raumlabor (Berlin) / Les Frères Chapuisat (Geneva)
Raumlabor chapuisat

Trans Media Land Art
New Land Art tendencies in transdisciplinary relations between different medias, genres, and formats. Heads : Filippo Minelli, (Barcelona) / Com&Com (Zürich)
Minelli Comcom

Social Context Land Art
New Land Art tendencies that occur in dialogue and collaboration with society. Heads: Jaffa Lam, (Hong Kong) / Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (St. Gallen)
Lam, Sonderaufgabe

Land Art Theory & Education
New Land Art tendencies in a theoretical and historical context. This course focuses on mediating and supporting the Land Art projects developed in the workshops of Alps Art Academy and involve writings about the artworks, a symposium and publication. Heads: Hanna Hölling (London), Konstanze Schütze (Köln)
Hoelling schuetze

The four workshops are conceived and organised by lecturers responsible for the respective field of study. Artworks generated during the Academy will respond to the theoretical frameworks and reciprocally, the revisions and reconceptualisations of theory will reflect the artistic production during the Academy. The workshops aim at opening a discussion concerned with global and local perspectives on and different means of expression of Land Art, thereby enabling a critical positioning of one’s own classification and (re)categorization of Land Art related terms. Participants will be enabled to discover, experiment and reflect upon old and new approaches in their own artistic and curatorial practice.