Alps Art Academy


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Alps Art Academy is an international summer school for individulas working with an in arts from Switzerland and all over the world. During one week (26th of June – 2nd of July), 30 participants take part in a diversity of Workshops and create Land Art under supervision of 8 lecturers. While 3 of the 4 workshops focus on making art interventions in Safiental – some of which will be exhibited during the Art Safiental in the summer  – the 4th workshop is devoted to the history, theory and mediation of Land Art.

The academy’s opening symposium (26th of June) and the vernisage of the Art Safiental (2nd of July) are open to the public. The Academy concludes with a short documentary and a publication which reflect on the Academy’s findings and the newest tendencies in Land Art. The center of the Academy is Pension Alpenblick in Tenna. Participants create their projects in the Safiental which streches from Valendas, Versam, through Safien Platz to Thalkich and Turahus.


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