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MODULE 3: The Academy incorporates a two-day symposium titled “New Tendencies in Land and Environmental Art: Horizontal – Vertical”. In addition to the main faculty, guest speakers will be invited to the Alps Art Academy. The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the academy (Sat 30.6./ Sun 1.7.2018) in Tenna.
This event is public and addressed to a wide audience. Fees for external participants:
Day 1: 6 Lectures + discussion, documentation, lunch, dinner: 80.- CHF
Day 2: 6 Lectures + discussion, documents, lunch: 60.- CHF
Day 1+2: 120.- CHF
Residents of the Safiental only pay for the food; everything is included for academy participants.

The detailed symposium program with all names will be published in March. Speakers thus far confirmed:

Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (CH)
DIG Collective (UK)
Luciano Fasciati (CH)
William L. Fox (US)
Johannes M. Hedinger (CH)
Hanna Hölling (UK)
Sibylle Omlin (CH)
Steve Rowell (US)
Chris Taylor (US)