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Lia Forslund & Franek Wardynski: K – I WISH TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU

Dark Side opposite Tenna – GPS: 46.7320732, 9.3505766
Sunny Side above Tenna  – GPS: 46.7468102, 9.3348528Main - Franek Wardynski and Lia Forslund

What if the mountains had a conversation? Across the Safiental Valley the Dark Side is addressing the Sunny Side using the International Code of Signals. Through a dialogue, the Dark Side expresses concerns for climate change while the Sunny Side appears detached. Can two mountains performing, become a catalyst for change?

 4 x 1.25×1.25m Oriented strand board, 2 min video >LINK

Franek Wardynski and Lia Forslund map

Lia Forslund (b.1984) is a writer, speaker and lecturer, based in London. Her work is interdisciplinary, ranging across categories within communication, specialising in art, design and architecture. In recent years, Forslund has expanded her practice as co-founder Prototypa, a critical forum highlighting the design process.
Franek Wardynski (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist and a lecturer at the Royal College of Art London and Central Saint Martins, where he teaches Critical Practice and Visual Communication. Wardynski’s work sits between art and design, challenging the boundaries between craft and digital production, using a diverse range of media as well as printmaking and sculpture.