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Könnt ihr sie schon hören? / Can you already hear them?

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Könnt ihr sie schon hören? /Can you already hear them?

Salka Tiziana

Geißgadde, Tenna – GPS:  46.746422, 9.336137

An invitation to look through an imaginary window.

Outside the little barn a flock of sheep passes by.

—Where are you going? 

—To where the lights blink fast and the wild things are. 

Video Installation / 8 min. Loop / Stereo


Salka Tiziana (*1992) is a Spanish-German filmmaker. She began studying Art History and Anthropology in Berlin and later studied Film in Hamburg and Buenos Aires. Her graduation film from the University of fine Arts Hamburg ‘Tal día hizo un año / For The Time Being’ was nominated for the German First Steps Award in 2019 and presented internationally at film festivals, such as IFF Rotterdam, Max Ophüls Preis, the Berlin Critics Week, at Black Canvas Contemporary in Mexico City and the European Film Festival in Seville.