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State of the Hearts (Alessia Bertini, Chiara Salmini, Sofia Gozzi)

Berghotel Alpenblick, Tenna – GPS: 46.746727, 9.339001

“If you feel God is following you, you are a believer; what are you if you know that satellites are following you? an actor?”
Elaborating on Rem Koolhaas’s question, AN-10-A is a piece of oneiric infrastructure bounding the local territory to the augmented globe. The antenna intercepts the transit of commercial satellites crossing its conic tracking area and returns it in real time through a signaletic audio-visual language. A collection of sounds sampled in the local church plays an andamento sinusoidale according to the perceived position of the satellites in relation to the observer. The 9 LED-suns at the top of the aluminium structure blink eyes at their passage.These two coordinated stimula are then composed by the journey of the satellites themselves, their invisible music directors. The infrastructural and algorithmic ballet is a nocturnal perennial appointment.


Aluminium profile, LED lights, electronic components, bluetooth speaker



State Of The Hearts ®️ is a three-way female love affair. Their discovery practice analizes and expresses the relation of humans to their (physical and metaphysical) infrastructure. Its aim is to foresee the future in all its possible applications. Their sources link the superhuman ambitions manifested in pop culture to the tecno-infrastructural landscape.
Starting in 2019, they are simulating a private company investing in space commerce to speculate how this new market will change our understanding of the Solar System, through the design of devices and astro-architectures. Alessia, Sofia and Chiara have roots in architectural education: AAM and ETHZ in Switzerland. Their first move into research was the publication in 2019-20 of the research “Orbital Imperialism” on TRANS 36: Spannung.