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Ness Lafoy

Tenna, Innerbärg-GPS: 46.7475500, 9.3336911


A tool with which to learn the land.

Tarparium imagines the solid mass of the mountain as a fluid plane – a soft rock. A satellite image of Tenna on a tarpaulin – a projection of the land, between analogue and digital. The tarp is deployed in the landscape, to offer shelter, to protect from wet ground, to map, to collect samples, and to harness the wind, generating alternative, imagined topographies.

Using hiking as a methodology to learn the terrain; from valley to village, from village to forest, from forest to pasture and from pasture to peak. Each time the tarp is pitched using found objects collected en route, to create an inhabitable facsimile of its surrounding topography.

Installation. Digitally printed tarpaulin, rope, rocks, sticks, plants. 3 x 2m

Ness is interested in small buildings and big landscapes, working across the fields of architecture, exhibition design, art and landscape. Her current practice – ‘âalp’ – Alpine Architecture & Landscape project, is a collection of ongoing explorations, concerned with all things alpine and with a particular interest in the ‘resortified’ and grafted landscape – the interface between vernacular architecture, human-made intervention and the natural alpine environment. Ness also has a keen interest in narrative drawing and her work has been exhibited internationally.