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Singing to water

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Singing to water

Iulia Hurducas

Wooden fountain, Innerberg, Tenna-GPS: 46.742601, 9.333972



Singing to water is an exercise in communication with the non-human world, specifically with water in this instance. It is a collective performance with the participation of the international community that was temporarily formed in `Tenna during the Alps Art Academy 2022, between 24 August and 4 September. “Singing to water” is action oriented, evoking water’s movements, flows and changes in states. We sing to water, for water, and in water a multi-lingual collection of songs, poems and thoughts on water. Water is sensitive to sound and vibration and by immersing our hands / feet / bodies in water we feel water and water feels us while we exchange sensations, heat, moisture particles and microorganisms.

Collective performance, spoken and sung word, 15 min.