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Rua und Frida – Om Shanti

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Rua und Frida – Om Shanti

Vikram Arora and Fabian Gutscher

Tenna–GPS: 46.747738, 9.334645



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As we are struggling with climate change, we decided to make a chant in the local language. Using a translation of the Shanti paath, it is a mantra for Peace, Harmony and Happiness.

We wish this for the earth.

‘Unto the Sky and the Earth be Peace,
Peace be unto the Water, Unto the Herbs and Trees be Peace. ‘

 ‘Rua und Frida für Ärda im Wasser und in alle Chrüter, Böm, Stude und Getriär.’

Sound Art Installation, 16:58 minutes

Collaborating team: Aleida van Dijk, Gita Khandagle, Linfeng Zhou and Raúl Itamar Lima.