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Red on Green

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Red on Green

Gita Khandagle and Fabian Gutscher

Tenna–GPS: 46.748048, 9.333267


A playful reference to color theory in traditional landscape paintings, in which red elements are introduced as graphic foils within verdant, pastoral scenes to amplify their vibrancy.

Through a slow, horizontal unraveling, a pair of conjoined walkers transform into a wandering line, wavering in the wind & subservient to the shifting topography beneath their feet: a reminder of the impossible nature of taming the land in an otherwise idyllic landscape.

Culminating in: an invitation into a collective embrace.

Performance, 5 min.

Gita Khandagle is an artist, designer, and educator interested in the creation of experiential frameworks for activity, ecology, and memory. Born in Los Angeles and situated for the past decade in Oakland, California’s distinctive communities and terrain have served as the launching point of her explorations. Her recent art practice has consisted of participatory installations & experimental assemblages of still and moving images, prints, recordings and objects.

Following her studies of architecture and sustainable design at Berkeley, she has spent the past decade working in landscape architecture & fabrication; she currently practices design as a partner at Space Open Studio and is a lecturer in the Department of Human Ecology at UC Davis.