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Play Time

Tao Hai Yue

Tenna, Innerberg-GPS: 46.748147, 9.331247

Playtime_1_© Tao Hai Yue Studio

Artist Tao Hai Yue turns a meadow slope in Tenna, Switzerland, into a playground for Riitschindlen, an ancient summer tobogganing game over 100 years ago in the Graubünden region. She works with a local carpenter to re-create this skateboard by hand from a wooden shingle. A long-vanished tradition is revived as a unique medium that can inspire playful interaction between people, the environment, and objects.

Site-specific interactive installation
Wooden shingle, spruce wood, rope and abandoned wood pile
Size variable

Tao Hai Yue grew up in a southeastern coastal city during China’s reform and rapid urbanization. She studied sculpture in Shanghai, China, and then completed an MFA degree in public art at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany. She specializes in working with diverse media, including painting, sculpture, heterogeneous installation, video, etc. Her art practice focuses on memory, migration, conflict, and some of the most pressing issues of our time. Interviews, art writing, and translation work are also part of her art practice.