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Melting point Series / Stuttering Words

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Melting point Series / Stuttering Words


Berghotel Alpenblick–GPS:


Water. Cold. Ice.

Birth, life and death.

A lifecycle.

An experience of a human facing the cold; an element unique to her. Struggling with the natural force of nature, a participatory performance to prep oneself before going to bed on a cold winter night.

Instructions for the organisers:

  1. Do not mention the surname in any texts, images or videos. Only ‘Vismayee’.
  2. Before the performance, an announcement to be made. To drink hot water, tea or coffee. To keep silence and just breathe.
  3. After performance, hot water, tea or coffee to be provided.
  4. Set up will start an hour or 45 minutes before. The performance should be sealed.

Performance.10 min. Ice.
57 cm x 37 cm x 5 cm – 6 slabs
57 cm x 37 cm x 10 cm – 5 slabs