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Melting point Series / Stuttering Words

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Stuttering words (Performance piece)


Berghotel Alpenblick, Tenna



Water. Cold. Ice.

Birth, life and death.

A lifecycle.

An experience of a human facing the cold; an element unique to her. Struggling with the natural force of nature, a participatory performance to prep oneself before going to bed on a cold winter night.

Performance.10 min.
Ice slabs frozen in the hotel’s walk-in freezer for 5 nights.

Born in 1993 in Mumbai, after graduating from the Academy of Architecture in 2017, Vismayee continued her practice in the city. She went to study in Milan in 2021 and is attending a Master’s course in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA). Vismayee studied art from an early age and after studying architecture shifted her focus towards community work. She worked with the indigenous Warli tribe for four years and drew inspiration from their ways of living in her artworks. She creates ephemeral art by using naturally found materials by leaving an anthropological mark on landscapes while displaying the life and death of art in the context of time, thus connecting with nature. Today, she continues her works in ephemeral art by redefining landscapes and rethinking her methodologies with natural elements.