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Karolina Rupp

Tenna, Innerbärg-GPS: 46,7480629, 9,3317300


Heinze is a slightly absurdist performance work in which an attempt is made to both repair and embody a Heinze (a wooden rack traditionally used for drying hay) with the use of cotton rope. Placed in proximity to the Grass Museum and on a pasture, the work seeks to somewhat contextualise the initial function of the Heinze. However, as neither hay nor gestures associated with forking hay onto the structure are present during the performance, Heinze aims to simultaneously create its own vocabulary. By proposing a particular although coexisting body-object orientation and relation, Heinze problematises and plays upon care, tradition and utility.

Performance. Heinze, cotton string,  7,30 min

Although German born (1988) Karolina grew up in Pretoria, South Africa where she completed her studies in sociology, anthropology and photography. After this she worked in commercial photography while simultaneously joining a Pretoria-based art studio where she developed an artistic practice predominantly revolving around analogue lens based media. As of early 2016 Karolina is situated in The Netherlands where she graduated with a BFA from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is currently a master student in Performance Practices at ArtEZ in Arnhem (NL). Karolina works in sculpture, site-responsive intervention and performance and is a founding member of two collectives – HRK Collective and Notes on Hapticity Collective. Her work has been shown internationally and she has participated in various AiR programmes within Europe.