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Forest Funeral / Waldbeerdigung

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Forest Funeral / Waldbeerdigung

Gita Khandagle

Tenna, Ausserberg-GPS: 46.755320, 9.344857


Six centuries ago, ancient forests of the Safien Valley transformed into pasture and village. Just as Tenna honors its past residents by burying them continuously alongside one another, the peripheral forest is a community that remains together, even in death. Out of decaying vegetation arises new life and regeneration, as nutrients continue to be shared through rich underground networks.
This participatory procession is intended to be an acknowledgement of the forest’s contribution to the community and its potential as a partner in mitigating the most harmful future effects of climate change. Members of our group will walk in silence, arriving at a deforested glade; here, they may contribute to offerings of pinecones and wildflowers, sowing the seeds for a renewed wooded ecosystem.

Mixed media (pinecones, rowan berries, wildflowers, kautuka thread), 15 min