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alpine immaterial consistency (1-3)

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alpine immaterial consistency (1-3)

raúl i. lima

Postauto, Tenna-GPS: 46.746513, 9.338366


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Choir: Elisabeth Bardill, Jakob Bardill, Ursula Buchli, Othmar Arnold playing for the attentive listening of Gian Pedretti and visitors.

Recording: Fabian Gutscher.

Initiator under the pretences of an artistic agency: Raúl I. Lima.

Performed and recorded in the church of Tenna on August 2022; to be listened to wherever the sound file would be made available.

Stereo mix. 6′ to 8′ min. Recording of local people singing celestial songs in the church of Tenna.

Raúl Itamar Lima is an artist who currently lives in German-speaking places and works wherever there is a chance.