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26 OF 33/ T-R-E-E/ T-I-M-E/ L-I-F-E

Françoise Polo / Shirma Guayasamin

Inner Röngg , Tenna–GPS: 46.740053, 9.330179

Spine 1

I built myself of land, water and took flight until I fell.

The tree is the metaphor of the structure of the human being’s spine

The subject becomes the object.

A site specific ephemeral intervention in a crossroad of one of the forests of the Tenna Valley (Inner Röngg). A piece formed by 26 slices of a  fallen pine trunk at that same site; built with the participation of the village carpenters, Martin Schaufelberger and Ulrich Pulfner.

The tree rings are cut to different sizes that constitute the vertebrae. Each of the pieces is connected and intertwined with the other by knitted hemp fiber fabric and thread.

The assemblage of rings  around a wooden axis makes the column fragile and vulnerable to movement.

The passage of time leaves a mark on the wood, the circles of its memory. The spine is the link between earth and sky, the trunks are the axis of our fragility, the period of the span of life  of a human being. A communion between man and nature,. The ephemeral versus the infinite.

Wooden pieces of a fallen forest tree, hemp fiber, thread



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