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T-R-E-E/ T-I-M-E/ L-I-F-E

Françoise Polo / Shirma Guayasamin

Inner Röngg , Tenna–GPS: 46.740053, 9.330179


An object that wants to be a subject
I built myself of land, water and took flight until I fell.

The fragility of time slips between the fingers and the branches, while the voices are lost in songs, memories and stories of women and men.
Humans who walk the path in a symphony of uncertainty, like a wax candle that spills, because it is the species that has forgotten the framework, intertwined of the different sounds and meaning.
Perishable and senseless. BLANK SLATE
I will join that plot of bugs and plants that climb the trees so that from there, I can once again see the valley. DORSAL SPINE
I stretch my spine and become a tree but my time here on earth will end, because I am mortal; but the forest turns and makes a hole for me to rest and learn to grow, while looking at me.

There is no time, there is no space
I have become a tree
The tree as a structure of the backbone of the human being.
The subject becomes the object. The definitive fall of Anthropocentrism. That being of bone and flesh, impermanent and transitory, is not only a fact of life that we have to accept and feel, but a reminder of what it means to exist.
The sculpture resembles the spine of a human turned into a trunk.
The return, without nostalgia, to Nature and its mechanisms makes us aware of our fragility, vulnerability and smallness, as well as our position in space. A metaphorical relationship of co-creation and cooperation between the non-human and the human.
A site specific ephemeral intervention in a corner of one of the forests of the Tenna Valley (Inner Röngg). A piece formed by 26 circles of a fallen pine trunk at that same site; built with the participation of the village carpenters, Martin Schaufelberger and Ulrich Pulfner.
Each of the assembled pieces is connected and intertwined with the other by knitted hemp fiber fabric and other materials, that constitutes the relationship with the community.  A more or less complex network of relationships and tensions, of the being with themself, with the environment, and with nature.
The passage of time leaves a mark on the wood, it is the link between earth and sky, the span between life and death. The ephemeral versus the infinite.

wood, hemp fiber, thread