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Kurhaus Alpenblick Air Tasting Menu

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Kurhaus Alpenblick Air Tasting Menu

Alex Grünenfelder

Restaurant Berghotel Alpenblick, Tenna–GPS: 46.746727, 9.339001

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Built in 1902, Tenna’s former Kurhaus Alpenblick operated as a climatic health resort and air therapy facility until the Second World War. Reinstituting its air cure treatment for the 21st century, the Kurhaus Alpenblick Air Tasting Menu records daily air degustations, as experienced on the hotel terrace from 30 August to 2 September 2022. The Menu is available to guests at the Alpenblick’s restaurant.
“On the sunny mountainside, at the foot of the proud Signinagruppe, the old, cozy wooden houses of the mountain village of Tenna look dreamily out into the wide countryside. Strengthening, refreshing air sweeps over the forests and alpine meadows. Those in need of rest, those seeking relaxation who settle down for a longer or shorter stay in the cozy Kurhaus Alpenblick will be graced by this bounty.”
— Kurhaus Alpenblick advertisement published in Mono #23,244, Kant. Graubünden, 1911

Printed text on restaurant menu, A5 paper

Alex Grünenfelder is a second-generation Canadian artist of Swiss-German and Rhaetian Romansch ancestry residing in Vancouver Canada, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations. His work employs printed matter, performance, informal pedagogy and expanded modalities of tasting to develop experiential connections with space, landscape, and the air. His projects have been exhibited in Canada, USA, South Korea and Switzerland. Current projects focus on the sensory analysis of atmospheric phenomena and the history of alpine dairies and high-altitude sanatoria as cultural sites that elicit therapeutic effects by establishing sensory and physiological connections between people and landscapes.