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hugging a dragon

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Hugging a dragon 

Denise Aimee Rijnen/Darc Matter 

Stable, Tenna Innerberg – GPS: 46.74187, 9.33272

A performance including a tasting the essence of green in the form of pure chlorophyll and an hommage to the rare dragon iconography depiction found in the church of village Tenna,  symbolizing nature, the feminine & wildness.

This performance was part of a larger collaborative performance with Alex Grunenfelder, whom worked with the notion of milk. A field of tension emerged between the two works, which birthed questions in regards to ecology.

Performance and tasting, 10 min



Combining environmental embodiment with the extraction of raw materials, relating, organizing & processing them. Climbing up that mountain, walking down that stream, getting lost in an old mining ground, time and time again. Forced into thinking deep time in order to understand its emergence. Working with the illusory nature-culture binary is an attempt to grasp its fluidity, finding the irony, its movement along a line and the traces it leaves.