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Fragment of Home

scanArc / Lisa Collomb

Stable, Tenna–GPS: 46.7464024, 9.3361047

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The Safiental, the road to nowhere. What is the essence of this landscape? What makes me feel like I am somewhere else?

Above the treeline the landscape, vegetation, settlement pattern and remoteness of the Safiental create a dreamlike memory of the ocean-beaten County of Donegal in Ireland. In both places man is put in stark juxtaposition with nature and as such must answer many existential questions. There is a sense of silence, of eternity.

In Donegal the harsh ocean wind creates a weather beaten landscape where gorse and Heather cling to an undulating rocky surface. In Safiental it is rather the altitude of the upper valley, spending many months under a thick blanket of snow, that produces a similar wilderness.

The project deals with a dreamlike imagining of two distant lands. The similarities lie in the visceral memory of the author and can be seen as a longing for home, for a memory of home in a new land. It is an attempt to share the experience and memory of the author with a wider group of people.

The memories come in many different scales. From the micro, plant level scale, to the wider settlement pattern and to the widest geological scale. As such it captures the passage of time from a fleeting moment of a bird-cry to a seeming eternity of the mountain scape.

Projection, Interactive pointcloud

scanArc is a creative duo based in Chur, CH consisting of Lisa + Léo Collomb. The office works at the intersection of architecture and machine vision and is a research lab for the use of new technology in visualisation and representation. A key area of research is how new technologies can be embraced to blur the threshold between analogue and digital worlds.

Notable projects from 2022
“Crowdsourced Campfire” Digital performance piece produced for ‘Digi-Days’, Theatre Chur
“Atlantic Valley” Artistic installation created during Alps Art Academy, Art Safiental
“Fabric of Art” Semester long Workshop for Master of Architecture at AAM Mendrisio
“One Billion Dots” Exhibition at the Stadtgalerie, Chur

Lisa Collomb (1984) IRL/CH
2022 – 2023 Studying CAS Coding for the Arts, ZHdK, Zürich
2019 –       Founding member, lead of R+D, scanArc, Chur
2019 – 2021 Project Architect, Atelier Peter Zumthor, Haldenstein
2017 – 2019 Project Architect, studioSML, Lausanne
2016 – 2017 Founder visual communication company, Studio Hunter, Lausanne
2013 – 2016 Project Architect, Image maker, Atelier Peter Zumthor, Haldenstein
2007 – 2013 Studied MArch Architecture, QUB, Belfast
2003 – 2006 Studied BA Philosophy and Film Studies, QUB, Belfast