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Your emotional path

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Your emotional path

Mathilda Humard

Tenna – GPS: 46.746874, 9.335944

Your emotional path is a land art intervention inviting you to mediate about your feelings and emotions. Which signal is giving your body and why? How are you feeling?
It also proposes a new way to communicate with them and maybe to discuss it.

The piece is situated above the centre of Tenna, close to a curved road going up the mountain.

The work is inspired by the hiking track marks you can find on stones, trees or walls in Switzerland. It has three different colors:
Yellow for the easy hiking walk, white and red for difficult Mountain hiking trails and white and blue for advanced and dangerous Alpine hiking trails.

The installation takes the shape of a circle composed of stones and three wood trunk pieces fixed on steel tubes; each one represents a different level of track.

In the middle of the circle, visitors will find a pointer made out of a branche. The participants are invited to rotate it and point it out to one of the three marked color paths. Creating ever changing graphical composition.

The choice of path difficulty is a way to take the time to listen to yourselves, to express your current positive or negative emotion and insecurity. To highlight your  low or high energy and motivation.

Stone, founded natural wood, steel, paint/4-meter circle, 160cm high

10 min talk+10 min experience 



Product designer who is mostly focused on working with wood. Based in Jura, Switzerland.